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  • Nest Scholars is a mentoring programme provided by Nest College to the students to improve their skills and performances under the supervision of a Mentor. Under this scheme, a few students are selected from each class and they are given proper guidance, motivation, special training programmes, field trips etc.

    This will make the learning process more effective and help the students to think about good career options and to become a high achiever.


  • It is a system adopted to appreciate achievers. The real perfomers must really be honoured be it of either academics or co-curricular. The awards and appraisals serve as a motivational factor revitalise their interests. This kind of recognition will give them the positive mind to perform anything good to support the society he/she hails in. Becoming a star in life needs the midnight candle burning efforts. Sacrifices of personal interests and fun and frolic will take the pursuer to the altitude of success.

    Rules and regulations:

    1. To become a celebrated star holder, one must achieve A or A+ in all subjects
    2. The student must be an all-rounder.
    3. The possession of leadership qualities and volunteering spirit.
    4. A good communicator and an able performer in the academics and co-curricular activities.
    5. Above all, a student should possess a perfect discipline and good conduct.
    6. The student should have not been convicted of any bad remarks both in the campus and outside.

    Coordinator: Mrs. Asha O.V , Department of Management

    NESTWIN is one of the important projects of Nest College. The main objective of this project is to pass all supplementary students in respective subjects by providing remedial classes before their supplementary examination. And also to achieve 100% results in University examinations. With this view and intention, it is being inaugurated on 08/08/2021 Sunday at 7.30pm by Nest college chairman Sri. MPA Raheem in Google Meet platform.

    As a part of NESTWIN programme a PTA meeting of supplementary students was conducted on the same day to deliver the objectives and importance of this programme to the students and parents.

    In that meeting it is decided to give remedial classes to those students who have to write supplementary examination.

    Coordinator: Mrs. Suneetha , Dept. of Commerce

    B.A ENGLISH (Journ) 1 Ms.Shaniba
    2 Ms.Sreedevi K
    B.COM CO-OP 'A' 1 Sajna
    2 Mr. Muzammil K.
    3 Mrs. Suneetha
    B.COM CO-OP 'B' 1
    2 Mr. Lijith A
    B.COM Comp.Appl 1 Ms.Smitha Chacko
    2 Mrs. Pushpa A
    3 Mrs. Meera V.V
    B.B.A 1 Ms.Chithralekha
    2 Mrs. Reshmi Raveendran
    3 Mr. Jithu K.P
    M.COM 1 Mr. Hashir Hussain
    2 Ms.Marjana U.P

    Students of NEST College are expected to adhere to the following rules and regulations strictly.

    1. Discipline should be kept up by every collegiate and they win the appreciation for the good conduct within the college campus.
      • Discipline should be kept up in the college canteen. Students should return to classes as soon as the purpose of leisure of taking snacks/breakfast/meals. Lingering and wasting time in the canteen is prohibited.
      • - Don't form groups in the college corridors. Corridors are the pathways connecting classrooms. It is not a waiting room. Hence, no student should be found discussing in the college corridors.
    2. Students must obey the instructions given by the school faculties and the school authorities.
    3. Students must wear the college ID card for all kinds of correspondence and presence in the college.

      The mandatory use of ID card:

      1. During regular classes
      2. During Open Days
      3. During Parents-Teachers Meeting
      4. During Examinations
      5. During Sports and Cultural Activities
      6. During college trips
      7. During company visits and official visits to different places of importance.
    4. The use of mobile phones in the college campus is strictly warned not to be used. Penalty and explanation will be demanded of if any student is found in such activity.
    5. College assets should be dearly looked after by every student. Any damage is found from the part a student done deliberately, will be penalised heavily.
    6. Punctuality in class attendance is a must. The overall percentage of the attendance will be an important matter of licence to appear for the exams. Hence, students must restrain from bunking of any class.
    7. Students should not participate any hostile activities towards the authority and shall not be involved any kind of activity that offends the harmony and fellowship of the college
    8. No screaming, howling, whistling and shouting should be done inside the classrooms as well as outside the classrooms.
    9. The entry of the outsiders to the campus either to promote or interfere the students' activities or campus matters without the prior permission of the college principal is strictly prohibited.
    10. The principal has the right to deny the procession and any kind of students' fanciful decisions that are desired to take place within the college.
    11. Strictly warned of the slogans/notices/wall posters/scribbling/ etc. and will heavily be penalised besides apt punishment.
    12. Class attendance, exams scores, behaviour and attitude, and overall smartness will be considered mainly in the promotion of any kind of merit certificate, and concession of fees and provision of scholarships.
    13. It's mandatory that a student should be a part of any one of the college club.

    Every student has to face lots of challenges in the academics and non-academics of the college. On the process of becoming a successful student, one has to overcome educational difficulties and problems.

    The counselling cell helps out every student from personal, emotional and psychological ailment. Every student is motivated when the student is found to be lost in his/her perseverance. The counselling helps the student to have self-confidence to achieve in studies. The counselling is based on the following list.

    1. Personailty
    2. Family background
    3. Ailment
    4. Physiological impediments
    5. Psychological factors
    6. Techniques of studies
    7. Building up of self confidence .
    8. Bracing for the challenges
    9. Forming of a bright future
    10. How to study and write exams.
    11. Self-discipline
    12. Understand your parents
    13. The benefits of 100 present focused attendance.

    The educational counselling is duly unravelled by the professionals and psychology experts.

    The NEST College orients itself to hold an empathetic standpoint to reach out the needy in particular poor community. Free education and fee concessions are unleashed upon the impoverished families, fatally suffering families and the low-income families, flood, endosulfan, Covid-19 affected families. The college plays a pivotal role in the transformation of such families from the state of poverty into self-reliant families. This is the underlining principles of the NEST College. This privilege is in practice ever since 2013. BUDS Special School is emerged by the very selfless donation of 50 cents of land as a part of NEST Endowment. Through this endowment privilege, our focus on the societal need is taken care with an empathetic vigour.

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