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Teachers Training updates the changes in the system of education. Methodology of classroom has to be changed according to the trend and up surging changes in the society. New inventions are made to befit students to the trends. The profession of teaching needs frequent enhancement courses and workshops to bring newness in the field. The workshops and seminars will allow faculties to snatch the technology tools and effective pedagogy techniques and timely tactics to set a conducive learning system. This gives lots of scope to get to know the newness and also have an effective classroom management. Overall to bring a holistic formation, the training programs are mandatory. The Nestactics wing will focus on the effectiveness of what is to be sought for the effective college functioning.

Nest College recognises the best faculty of the year and awards them accordingly. Award is a true recognition of a merit of a faculty from the academic points of view. The Faculty Award encapsulates the faculty’s sincerity, dedication, selfless service, care for students future, hard work, leadership quality, ready to work for the institute, meticulous lesson plans, execution of responsibilities, production of good results, good comportment inside and outside campus, and overall excellent teaching being valued by students community.

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