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    The scheme was launched in Mahatma Gandhi's Centenary year in 1969 aimed at developing students’ personality through community service. The cardinal principles if NSS programme is that it is organised by the students themselves and both the students and teachers through their combined participation in community service, get a sense of involvement in the tasks of nation building.

    NSS is a Student Centred Body and it is a complementary to education. The programmes and activities designed for it to make the participating students to have a sense of civility and service to the nation at large. It also inculcates the spirit of voluntary service amongst students, teachers through community interactions. It abridges the academic institution with the society. It serves as link between the campus and the community. It enables each individual to have the possession of knowledge of volunteer service and action on par with the arising needs. The overall aim of NSS is the personality development and making them to own active responsibility towards the community that they hail in.

    The motto of NSS is ‘Not me but You’. This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation. It further enhances the community co-existence and fellowship with other human beings. All programmes are meticulously chiselled out to cater to the needs of the society and these are purely organised and executed by the students. This is another platform wherein the students showcase their latent talent of leadership quality. It ultimately results in the involvement of the tasks of the national development.

    The National Service Scheme was introduced in the stream of higher education in the year 1969-1970, the birth centenary year of Mahatma Gandhi.

    The first NSS Unit No.70 was started in 2015. Admission is open to first Degree students only. The duration of programme is two years. In order to become eligible for the NSS certificate and grace marks, volunteers must put in 240 hours of regular activities and attend 10 days’ work camp.

    Programme Officers
    2015 – 2016 Ratnakaran P - (Asst. Professor)
    2016 – 2017 Vijayan - (Asst. Professor)
    2017 – 2022 Asha O.V - (Asst. Professor)
    2022 -                                                                                                                                                 Anitha MV

    The college has set up the Women’s Cell in accordance with the UGC regulations. The cell focuses on the triviality of any issues to be curbed down and prepare a friendly and conducive atmosphere for the college girls. It also empowers the girls to voice out their problems if any being meted out in the college campus. Thus the cell works apparently to assure the due protection and safety while in the college formation.

    1. To develop a sense of equal opportunity and freedom in various dimensions of society.
    2. To consider the complaints received from students on sexual harassment from any directions and thus probe into the matter with the proper inquiries to deal and to find out the facts. The report aftermath of the enquiry will be submitted to the convenor for the right actions thereupon to be charged to the offender.
    3. To create a safe space for students in terms of boosting their morale in mental, physical and emotional aspects.
    4. To organise events such as seminars, conference and activities for women empowerment.
    5. To create an environment that will help the female students to realise their absolute potentiality and thus make them to strive for the best in their lives.

    Women’s Cell at NEST College is a body of 6 Lady Teachers, one Non – Teaching staff and 3 girl students presided by the Principal.

    Convenor Smt. Smitha Chacko , HOD, Dept. of English.
    Joint Convenor Smt. Divya K, HOD, Dept. of Management .
    Members 1. Smt.Meera V V HOD, Dept. Commerce 
    2. Smt. Anitha MV HOD, Dept. of Hindi
    3. Smt. Asha.O.V, Dept. of Management
    4. Smt. Suchitha.P, Office Staff
    5. Preejisha, Vijitha, Thrishna (Students)

    The College Disciplinary Committee is constituted for the maintenance of discipline and decorum in the College campus. It ensures the obedience of students whereby they adhere to rules and regulations of the college. It teaches every student behave appealingly to earn appreciation and at the same to time to have personal decorum. The students are ultimately taught to have etiquette and thus inculcate good manners so as to present themselves as pleasing personalities in the public.

    Committee Members

    Name of the Persons Designation
    Sri.M.P.A.Rahim Chairman
    Smt. Divya HOD, Dept. of Management

    Smt. Anitha.M.V HOD, Dept. of Hindi
    Sri.Suneetha M Asst. Professor, Dept. Commerce
    Smt. Asha.O.V Asst. Professor, Dept. of Management

    Ragging is neither a means of fertilization, nor an introduction with in fresher’s but a terror of Psychopathic behaviour. It is a violation of human rights. It is a heinous crime, heavily punishable under law. Anti-Ragging committee is a mobile committee responsible for conducting surprise raids in College campus and other places of potential ragging. It functions under the overall support of the higher authorities and college staff.

    Committee Members

    Name of the Persons Designation
    Sri.M.P.A.Rahim Chairman
    K Nair
    President Karivellur Perlam Grama Panchayat 
    Ward Member
    Station House Officer Payyanur 

    This Committee verifies the stock of all material both consumable and non – consumable acquired over a period of time in the institution as it is a pre requisite of the audit.

    Committee Members

    Sri. Murali  Dept. of Physical Education 

    Smt. Jayalakshmi T Office Staff

    The function of this committee is to carry out examinations, publish results and accord certificates (provided by the University and Institute) to the students who pass the final examinations. Keeping the record of each and every issue related to the examination and organizing workshops and seminars for the empowerment of the examination system are also the responsibilities of this committee.

    Committee Members

    Smt. Divya K HOD, Dept. of Management
    Smt. Meera.V V HOD, Dept.of Commerce.

    Beautification Committee aims to create a clean atmosphere in the campus which attracts and inspires both the students and the faculties. It deepens their interests in the academic and social life.

    Committee Members

    Smt. Asha.O.V Asst. Professor, Dept.of Management
    Smt. Anitha.M.V HOD, Dept. of Hindi
    Smt.Savitha Dept. of Malayalam 
    Smt. Jayalakshmi T Office Staff

    The library committee provides a forum for open discussion of matters relating to the library and its services. Its membership is made up of the representatives from faculties and students.

    Committee Members

    Name of the Persons Designation

    Sri.M.P.A.Rahim Chairman
    Smt. Divya K HOD, Dept. of Management
    Smt. Meera.V V HOD, Dept.of Commerce.
    Smt. Smitha Chacko K HOD, Dept.of English.
    Smt. Anitha.M.V HOD, Dept. of Hindi
    Sri. Ramachandran  HOD, Dept. of Malayalam
    Smt. Anupama          HoD Dept. of Psychology 

To promote opportunity for students to experience and develop their creative abilities and also provide a platform for the students to go beyond their academic activities and explore their creative and artistic sensibilities.

Smt. Rajalakshmi                     Convenor


Smt. Smitha Chacko                Dept. of English
Smt. Dilna C                                 Dept of Management
Smt. Sariga Ganesh                  Dept. Of Commerce

The college provides facilities for sports and games activities for students both intramural and extramural activities. The winners at college level will be considered for participation inter collegiate level.

Composition of the Committee

Convenor:   Mr. Muraleedharan
Members :    Mr. Vishakh
                          Ms. Anupama
                          Ms. Noorunnisa

The event management committee organises and manages some of the most important and biggest events of the college, which includes annual convocation as well as some intra college activities.

Composition of the Committee

Convenor:   Smt. Asha O V
Members :    Smt. Raseena M
                          Smt. Ramseena N A
                          Smt. Smitha Chacko
                          Smt. Ganga Devi

To ensure timely compilation of attendance record by the dealing clerks.
To ensure periodic display of attendance on the Notice Boards and make corrections if needed.

Ms.Divya           Dept of Management
Ms.Meera        Dept of COMMERCE 

Coordinating the Timetables and making it available to the faculty on the prescribed day before each semester. Ensuring the Timetable is available on the departmental notice boards before each semester.

Ms.Divya                 Dept of Management
Ms.Meera               Dept of Commerce
Mr.Dhanaraj.A       Dept of English 

Industrial visits provide students an insight into the real working environment, workstations, plants, assembly lines, machines, systems, and interact with highly trained and experienced personnel.
Helping and assisting students to prepare for interviews, group discussion, personal interview, and tips on getting a smart resume and cover letter ready are all integral activities carried out by the training and placement cell.

Mr.Muzammil         Dept of Commerce
Mr.Jithu                   Dept of Management
Mr.Dhanaraj A        Dept of English

To maintain and update the college website with current events and more.
To promote college news and information by social media campaign.

Ms.ShaminiSathyan                  Dept of Computer Science
Mr.Muzammil, Mr. Hasher       Dept of Commerce

The objective of seminar committee is to conduct seminars, international conventions and conferences on various international and national issues.

Departments  :        Dept of Commerce
                                   Dept of Management
                                   Dept of Language 

Committee is responsible for monitoring the operations of the canteen and implementing and reviewing the canteen policy.

Mr.Lijith. A                          Dept of Commerce
Mr.Sharath                          Dept of Commerce
Ms.ShaminiSathyan           Dept of Computer Science
Mr.Murali                             Dept of OA 

To keep the Newsletter readers informed about the Department’s progress.
To coordinate the college magazine, collect article for it.
To publish Department Newsletter, College Magazine on time period and upload same to college website.

Ms.Smitha                       Dept of English
Ms.Anitha                         Dept of Hindi
Ms.Nidhuna                     Dept of Journalism
Ms.Chithralekha           Dept of Malayalam

To prepare a comprehensive development plan of the institute on annual basis like academic, placement, infrastructure, administrative, and admission growth.

Chairman, Principal, Vice Principal, HoDs, AO 


Environmental Club offers a platform for social interaction and harmonious co-existence with nature. The consciousness of the environment can’t exist in a vacuum and thus needs a social space to find a true meaning and relevance of our existence.

The main aim of Our Environmental Club is to prevent the on-going degradation of the environment and thereby promote a sustainable growth.

students are motivated to develop an eco-friendly attitude to preserve and conserve rich resource of the nature. The club upholds activities such as planting of saplings, nurturing, watering and pruning to endure the freshness of the nature. Thus, they are made to live in tune with the nature.

Smt. Anitha M V.  NSS Program Officer

Management Club is a student driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and academia for students. This imparts skills for development and enhancement of personality of students. It also improves communication skills and decision making power. The club members organize several events such as Management Fest, Intercollegiate Quiz programmes and Walk with a management Scholar. The role of Management Club enhancing spirit of competition, awareness regarding the business world and improving participation level among the students indispensable.

Convenor - Smt. Dilna C 
Joint Convenor - Smt. Anju Thushar


It aims at developing analytical and creative thinking skills. It provides an opportunity to appreciate different types of literature and increase their own literary skills. Literary Club refines the literary talents hidden in the students and also helps in promoting aesthetic skills. It is a platform for those who love literature and want to share their experiences, readings and various write-ups with other who have the same interest and talent. Literary Club is to develop self-efficiency and confidence and would help to enhance general knowledge. It also helps in developing excellent communication skill and spontaneous thinking. Our literary club prepares students to work in a global community by teaching them social, political and moral issues.

  • ‘Litbit

The club offers a competing platform for the creative and talented students. It promises to passion for creative writing, literature, debating etc. among the students. Its main objective is to develop self-efficiency and confidence and thereby promotes excellent communication skills. ‘Litbit’ aims to conduct both instructional and aesthetic events that would benefit students in the development of art of writing, speaking and reading.

Committee Members
Chairman Sri.M.P.A.Rahim
Convenor Smt. Ashitha  Asst. Professor, Dept. of English
Joint Convenor Smt. Shaniva Asst. Professor , Dept. of English

he Literary Club is a place where students can meet to read and write. ... Club members meet to discuss books and the craft of writing. Some members choose to share their writings during the meetings, therefore starting many discussions.

  • ➢Malayalam Surgavedi

  • Surgavedi offers a platform where students can come together to read and write. It aims at developing and promoting creature skills and talents among students. The creative idea, thoughts paintings and writings will ease students to express their thoughts through ‘Surgavedi’. Its objective is to make students to enable to the genres reading, writing and critical thinking.

    Committee Members

    Smt. Savitha  Dept. of Malayalam Convenor
    Smt. Anitha.M.V HOD, Dept. of Hindi Joint Convenor

    15 students will be included in the committee and it will be reconstituted in each academic year.

  • ➢Sahithya Vedika – Hindi

  • Sahithya Vedika is a platform where students can come together to read, write and develop creative skills and talent. It works throughout the year to benefit students in the realms of writing and speaking by conducting events that are both instructional and enjoyable. It also aims to equip students to speak fluently in Hindi.

    Smt. Anitha.M.V HOD, Dept. of Hindi Convenor

    15 students will be included in the committee and it will be reconstituted in each academic year.

It is not just sufficient for a student of commerce to have theoretical knowledge, but must also be exposed to the outer world in a dynamic ways to face practical situation. Commerce club enriches and empowers students with academic and technical excellence and helps to offer exposure to students to meet the practical challenges in the present business scenario. Commerce club encourages students to become event managers and entrepreneurial leaders. Through the club, students get an opportunity to interact with business experts of the industry and thus build self-confidence and proactive approach.

Smt. Raseena M       Dept. of Commerce   Convenor

Sariga Ganesh                   Dept. of Commerce   Joint Convenor

Pushpa A                                      Dept. of Commerce   

Music plays a vital role in each and every one of us. Rather there is a rhythmic heartbeat within each one of us. We can also find various sounds in the nature which is the nature’s music. It simply means that music is everywhere. Hence, music is the part and parcel of everyone’s life which is indispensable.

The Music Club functions to preserve this wonderful performing art by eliciting the talented ones. The club takes a leading role in all the functions and celebrations to make the show lively. Various musical activities make students to enjoy singing, humming and performing. This attracts the audiences and sets a spectacular view. This indeed helps every student to appreciate and be mesmerised by the very composition and the way it is played and sung. Overall, it takes the entire academic year into the statehood of amazement and to have a lasting mental peace. The students are provided platform to exhibit their talents in music.

Convenor- Sneha Sambath Dept. of Psychology 

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