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Indeed, it's a fact that the students, after having graduated, are getting out of touch. This is mainly due to the non-availing chances to reunite to reminisce the wonderful life of fun and frolic led at Nest College. Perhaps, there are choices made to get settled down in life aftermath of the college studies or else flying abroad to have a further education. In either reality, there should be a chance to revitalise the memory down the lane to look back at the college life. The college, having realised the real need for the reunification of friendship and to revitalise the nuances, has created a platform as NEST ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. This is a mega platform to gather together to whisper and braggart those past days at Nest Campus and return to the varied places with such revitalisation and feelings nourished. The Alumni association is conceived with the help and cooperation of the college. The alumni meeting takes place on 24th December of every year. 

Aims and objectives: 

1. To maintain the contacts of the alumni of the college 

2. To provide a forum for bringing together all students who had studied in the college.  

3. To institute awards, scholarships, research grants and books, question banks for the students of the college. 


President : Fawas Musthafa

Secretary : Srijin

Executive committee Members

Vineesh 2015

Ajmal, Abhiram 2016

Anusree, Agilesh 2017

Fawas, Anupriya 2018

Ashithosh, Sharath 2019

Shabeer, Gopika, Abili, Srijin 2020

Savad Ahammed,Sneha Vijayan,Vaishanavi ,Afsal  2021

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